And so we’re in Q4! Straightforward ideas to enable a strong year end.

Q3 results are barely in but thoughts are already turning to Q4 performance and ending 2018 well. Everyone knows that a strong Q4 gives the following Q1 a greater chance of success, but sometimes it seems easier said than done to deliver on objectives that were set months ago.

Here are 4 simple ways to influence a positive year end:

  1. Revisit the objectives for Q4 and make sure they are still relevant and meaningful. If they are not, owing to changes in the business environment since they were set then ditch them, re-align and go again.
  2.  Communicate- make sure that goals remain visible and everyone in the team is aware of what needs to be done, focusing on the right work streams. Check in with customers and prospects to see what services or goods they might need.
  3. Share Q4 milestones and check progress against them periodically- shout about successes!
  4. Ask your employees, colleagues or peers for 2 or 3 ideas on how to end 2018 on a high- bet they come up with the goods!