England are Coming Home: 5 ways to learn resilience during tough times

Without doubt, the England Team’s performances over the past few weeks have lifted a nation and given everyone something to believe in. They leave the World Cup with heads held high having exceeded most people’s initial expectations, but the players, managers and back room team are bound to feel disappointed for coming agonisingly close to a place in the final and not quite getting there.

But it’s how the team responds that counts.

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The football pitch is the England team’s workplace and anyone who is an employer, business leader or employee will have experienced disappointment or tough times, which can become barriers to success if not processed in the right way.

So what can we do to increase resilience in the workplace?

  1. Encourage people to understand and learn from their mistakes without dwelling. It’s important to allow time for natural reactions but it’s how they respond, bounce back and do things differently next time that matters.
  2. Create opportunities for ‘sounding boards’ and social interaction in the workplace. This could be something as simple as a coffee away from the workstation to something more personal and mentor based. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but helping employees and colleagues to create and use a network of support is a building brick to resilience in itself.
  3. Actively encourage work life balance, exercise and rest. It sounds simplistic but all of these things help people to maintain perspective and avoid making a drama out of a crisis.
  4. Celebrate successes- often. By taking time each day to reflect on what went well people can train the minds to look for positives rather than dwelling on what went wrong.
  5. Set realistic goals and encourage people to do things regularly that help them and your business to move in the direction that you want to go. This could be a morning meeting to review the last working day and agree a plan of action for the day to come. Objectives must be realistic and achievable to create confidence and success.

In summary, knock backs are part of life and it’s important we help people to understand, learn and overcome them. The tools are at our disposal and to quote arguably England’s finest ever leader: “If you’re going through hell, keep going!”– Winston Churchill