6 lessons learned from Year 1 in business

It’s been a rollercoaster ride so far with the highs and thrills far outweighing any lows but I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in such a short space of time, and every day is a school day! Here’s a summary of the most commonly occurring lessons that spring to mind. Have a clear vision and hone your offering … Read More

2019 Employment Law Changes- the ones we know about pre-Brexit!

January 1: Executive Pay Gap Reporting Companies with more than 250 UK employees must report annually on the pay gap between their Chief Executive and their average UK worker. First reports are due in 2020. March 30: Gender Pay Gap Reports – Public Sector Government departments, local authorities, the NHS, armed forces, and state schools with 250 or more employees, are … Read More

Reforms are coming to protect Gig Economy workers

In December 2018 and against a backdrop of cases making legal headlines, the Government announced that reforms will be introduced to give gig economy workers more rights and more protection under UK law. What will it mean? It is anticipated that: Workers can expect to be given details of their rights on the first day of working. Holiday pay will … Read More

Christmas Parties are under way with much merriment to be had!

However, they rarely go without a hitch. Over the years, I’ve seen most things from brawls to people stealing booze from behind the bar (when it was already a free bar!). So it’s worth remembering that any work related social gathering, including tickets to the Christmas party or events paid for by suppliers, contractors or customers, means that you are … Read More

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the workplace- is your business doing enough?

According to a recent BBC survey, almost half of British women and a fifth of men have been sexually harassed at work. These are worrying statistics and with sexual harassment being under the media spotlight now like never before and rightly so, businesses need to ensure that they have strong policies, procedures and controls in place to avoid and manage … Read More

And so we’re in Q4! Straightforward ideas to enable a strong year end.

Q3 results are barely in but thoughts are already turning to Q4 performance and ending 2018 well. Everyone knows that a strong Q4 gives the following Q1 a greater chance of success, but sometimes it seems easier said than done to deliver on objectives that were set months ago. Here are 4 simple ways to influence a positive year end: … Read More

England are Coming Home: 5 ways to learn resilience during tough times

Without doubt, the England Team’s performances over the past few weeks have lifted a nation and given everyone something to believe in. They leave the World Cup with heads held high having exceeded most people’s initial expectations, but the players, managers and back room team are bound to feel disappointed for coming agonisingly close to a place in the final … Read More

Wimbledon Watch Outs- Part 2

Wonderful Wimbledon starts today and for those who are attending through work or for employers who are taking employees to the tournament, there are certain things to be aware of when the fizz is flowing and people’s guard starts to drop. Expected behaviour at work events In a nutshell, any work related social gathering, including tickets for Wimbledon paid for … Read More

Wimbledon Watch Outs- Part 1

Wimbledon fortnight is just around the corner- you can almost hear the gentle pop of champagne corks and the roar from Henman Hill! For those lucky enough to have tickets through corporate hospitality or attending through work/  business, it’s worth remembering the fine line between business and falling foul of anti-bribery legislation. Anti-Bribery Legislation The 2010 Bribery Act makes it … Read More