Wimbledon Watch Outs- Part 1

Wimbledon fortnight is just around the corner- you can almost hear the gentle pop of champagne corks and the roar from Henman Hill! For those lucky enough to have tickets through corporate hospitality or attending through work/  business, it’s worth remembering the fine line between business and falling foul of anti-bribery legislation. Anti-Bribery Legislation The 2010 Bribery Act makes it … Read More

Do You Need HR Support

Does your business need a level of HR support, but you’re not sure exactly what? A number of our clients recognise the need for HR support, but not on a full time or in-house basis. We can bridge that gap. We will be your flexible and agile HR business partner, tailoring our services exactly in accordance with your business objectives. … Read More

Are difficult employees negatively impacting your business?

Are difficult employees negatively impacting your business? Every business has them – the persistent absentee, the poor performer, the one who won’t follow the rules, the one who constantly plays the game for their own gain, the bad influence, the wrong fit, the negative one (the mood hoover!). We can help. As an employer, you don’t have to accept bad … Read More

Your Business Structure

Is your business the right size and structured correctly for longevity? Whether you are positioned to grow or need to make tough decision to meet budget requirements, we can help you deliver the required headcount, skill sets and competencies required to take your business forward. During challenging times, we can partner with you to deliver redundancies, changes to terms and … Read More