Reforms are coming to protect Gig Economy workers

In December 2018 and against a backdrop of cases making legal headlines, the Government announced that reforms will be introduced to give gig economy workers more rights and more protection under UK law.

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What will it mean?

It is anticipated that:

  • Workers can expect to be given details of their rights on the first day of working.
  • Holiday pay will be calculated on a 52 week average instead of 12.
  • Workers will be able to ask for more predictable working hours and maybe even a fixed-hours contract after 12 months.
  • Companies will no longer be able to pay agency workers less than a permanent employee who does the same job.
  • Companies who break the rules may be named, shamed and fined.

All of the above are expected to come into place by 2020, protecting the rights of workers as well as the flexibility that the gig economy affords.

This means there’s plenty of time for businesses to prepare and be ready. Candid HR can provide businesses with a strategy for success, as well as legal compliance. Please get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.